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A game where you are trying to figure out the imposter, who is your partner Josh and who is the shapeshifting ALIEN!? Gather clues from your surroundings and figure out who is telling the truth and who is telling the lies. 

This game was made as a part of the global game jam 2022 where the theme was duality.

Don't Shoot Me! | Global Game Jam


DontShootMe.zip 650 MB


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This one was super fun to play. And even if it's quite a deterministic game, I replayed it a whole bunch actually :D

If you develop it further I would love to see more randomization of the prompts/objects so players can't already know the answer ;)

Apart from that I also notice an off-by-one error (or similar) if you hit zero bullets while shooting the alien, causing an instant loss.

I really loved seeing the tongue-in-cheek silliness all around the room. The hidden jokes and a lot of the humor made this game a surprising and delightful experience, 100%

And I absolutely enjoyed the win!